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Hospitality Jobz TH -     
        Job Board

Hospitality Jobz TH

Social media sharing on this site allows recruiters and businesses to easily post their positions on all platforms with a link back to increase visibility of their openings. A powerful back end allows for real time statistics and analytics or jobs.

Expat Jobz TH -     
        Job Board | Branding & Design

Expat Jobz TH

The custom built job board on this site includes fields such as industry, location, salary & bonus details, work type and company logo to provide the client with ample information about the jobs on offer.

Volunteer Jobz TH -     
        Job Board

Volunteer Jobz TH

Responsive design makes this fully featured job board look good on any screen. Simplicity brings job search to the forefront, reinforced with job alerts and automatic candidate sign up to make applying for jobs easy for job seekers.

Teaching Jobz TH -     
        Job Board

Teaching Jobz TH

Built from the ground up, this site features a custom built system with a payment gateway, credit system, discount codes, specialised analytics and consoles for candidates and employers.

Medijobs -     
        Recruitment Website


Jobadder integration powers the job board and alert features on this site while a user friendly CMS makes updating content and blog articles a breeze. The site adapts to look just as good on mobile devices as computer screens. Contact is made easy with forms, social media links, emails and

Firstgrade - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Firstgrade - Recruitment Website

We have integrated facebook and twitter feeds into the homepage of this website to promote social interaction. Candidates can easily register with the agency as well as search available jobs, sign up for job alerts and download timesheets. RMS integration keeps the site up to date.

Brad Watts

"Our website was recently upgraded with Know Digital. Very smooth process and all our requests were actioned in a timely manner. They understand recruitment and this makes explaining your requirements an easy process."

Agrijobs -     
        Recruitment Website


Agrijobs has been designed with a simplicity in mind. Fully responsive to mobile device and delivering a simple user experience. Features such as job board with Jobadder integration, job alerts and an easily updatable blog are all included as well as social media integration.

CandidateIntro - SEO, Paid Ads -     
        SEO|SEM|Paid Ads & Online Advertising

CandidateIntro - SEO, Paid Ads

We built this website with a heavy focus on SEO which we continue to maintain. To drive a large amount of relevant traffic to the site we have developed a campaign of optimized targeted ads on a variety of platforms which we regularly monitor.

Robin Oldfield

"We had a go at paid ads on google and facebook to get us off the ground but though we were seeing traffic, we weren't getting many sign ups. We gave these guys a chance and instantly saw less traffic but were actually acquiring more users. Their easy to read reports made sense of this."

Benneaux - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Benneaux - Recruitment Website

We designed and built this website with scrolling banners, job search and candidate data capture forms. The site integrates seamlessly with their job posting software and there is also a careers page, referals scheme and contact page with a google maps plugin.

Keegan Adams - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Keegan Adams - Recruitment Website

We designed and built this site to be easy to navigate and responsive. Job search and alerts are linked to the clients Job Adder recruitment software. Team portfolios and referal forms add a personal touch. Contact details are displayed with google maps built in for the address.

Robin Oldfield

"Once we had the site up and running we wanted to storm social media so we had the Know Digital crew set us all up so we looked professional on all the usual sites. They handle all content and posting for us which saves me time. So I'm happy!"

Whitewater Group - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Whitewater Group - Recruitment Website

This website features a job search function that integrates directly with their Job Adder recruitment management system. Candidates can also register their CVs and download timesheets. All designed and built to be responsive to the screen size of the device browsing.

Caccia Consulting - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Caccia Consulting - Recruitment Website

We built and designed Caccia's website to be responsive to all screen sizes. It has Job Adder posting integration, candidate registration and an easy to use job search function. Video embedding and a blog add a personal touch.

Sanctuary Recruitment - SEO -     
        SEO|SEM|Paid Ads & Online Advertising

Sanctuary Recruitment - SEO

During the development of the website we adjusted all content for search engine optimization and focused a lot on bringing down site loading times. Upon completion we set out on link building to the site. All this does a lot to increase your pages authority and ranking.

Clarius Group - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Clarius Group - Recruitment Website

Our developers built the Clarius Group website with full broadbean job posting integration, advanced job search function and a job alert feature. An online timesheet feature is linked to the site for employee and agency access.

Sanctuary Recruitment - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Sanctuary Recruitment - Recruitment Website

Our team worked with them to build a sleek website with a responsive design. Features include job browsing, candidate resume uploading, a contact form and an easy to update blog. The site links with their job posting software for automatic posting to site.

Richard Parnell - Director (Sanctuary Recruitment)

"Know Digital did an excellent job for us in building and maintaining our website. They was efficient, cost effective and timely. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build from scratch or update their website"

CandidateIntro - Job Board -     
        Job Board

CandidateIntro - Job Board

We built an advanced job board with comprehensive search functions for candidates and recruiters as well as a built in applications tracking system and integration with multiple job posting software. A complete payment gateway is also included.

Johnny Aldred

"We were really impressed with how the job board came out. Simple to use but powerful consoles for everyone and also the integration with RMS makes things effortless for our clients. Well happy."

3XCG - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

3XCG - Recruitment Website

We developed this recruitment website all the way from initial design to deployment. The job board integrates with their existing Job Adder RMS and provides online job searching, application and E-Mail alerts for clients.

Craig Bagshaw - Founder And Director (3XCG)

"Know Digital and their team of designers did a fantastic job helping us build our company website. I have known David Armitage [Founder] since his days as a seasoned contract developer and he is highly regarded by his former colleagues and employers. Furthermore, the ideas, creativity, quality & timely manner in which Know Digital performed throughout the build process was faultless. I highly recommend Know Digital and believe they offer awesome value for money."

Curtis Partnership - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Curtis Partnership - Recruitment Website

We designed and built this website with colour schemes to match company's existing media. Users can browse or search for jobs, upload a candidate profile and contact through the site. The site also includes a news blog, staff portfolios and testimonials.

Capstone Recruitment UK - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Capstone Recruitment UK - Recruitment Website

This page was designed and developed with broadbean integration through out. The usual job search is featured as well as registration forms for clients, candidates and jobs. There is also a blog, an events pages, social buttons and interactive scrolling text and images.

Capstone Recruitment HK - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Capstone Recruitment HK - Recruitment Website

We designed and developed this website with the usual job search function as well as registration forms for clients, candidates and jobs. Everything is fully integrated with the Jobadder RMS. Social media links are included and the contact us pages include the Google maps plugin.

Engage Personnel - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Engage Personnel - Recruitment Website

We designed and developed this site with full RMS integration to include job search function and automatic job alerts. Online forms provide candidate and vacancy registration. Easy to use CMS makes updating the advice sections easy and social media buttons provide links in the header.

Total Resource - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Total Resource - Recruitment Website

The easy to use job search function is prominent through out this site, power by automatic integration with the agencies job posting software. Candidates can apply online and a contact form is provided for visitors to message the agency directly.

Human Jigsaw - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Human Jigsaw - Recruitment Website

This custom designed site integrates with Jobadder posting software to provide search functions and job alerts for candidates. Visitors can read testimonials and contact the company using the built in contact form and google maps plugin displays the office location.

Regional Recruiters - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Regional Recruiters - Recruitment Website

Even though it's one of our oldest sites, this website still serves its purpose. Job adder integration allows for job searching and contact forms allow candidates to register and upload their CV directly to the recruiter.

Scott Recruitment - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Scott Recruitment - Recruitment Website

We developed this website to match their existing colour scheme. Scrolling text, fading images and youtube embedding make for a media rich experience. Job search and email alerts are provided with Jobadder recruitment management system integration.

Red Dot - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Red Dot - Recruitment Website

We designed this site around the logo and included a scrolling banner, a changing 'latest jobs' section and links to videos. RMS integration allows browsing and searching of jobs. Candidates can also register through the site and download articles and tips in .pdf format.

Talent ID Leaders - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Talent ID Leaders - Recruitment Website

This is a simple site that professionally presents Talent ID online. Focus is mainly on content which is keyword heavy for optimum search engine visibility. Staff portfolios with linkedin and email links are provided as well as a contact form for easy communications.

Succession Recruitment - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Succession Recruitment - Recruitment Website

The usual RMS integrations like job search, email alerts and candidate registration can be found on this recruitment website. A lot of content is included as well such as tips and links for job seekers and employers and also company and staff profiles.

Silver Search - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Silver Search - Recruitment Website

Designed with quick navigation in mind. Job search, vacancy and candidate registration as well as latest jobs are all displayed right on the home screen. Candidates can download timesheets online and the office is easily found using an embedded google maps plugin.

BTA Sales - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

BTA Sales - Recruitment Website

This site allows visitors to search for jobs, register a vacancy or sign up for job alerts. A downloadable .pdf portfolio file is linked and a testimonials page is included. The 'about us' section is comprehensive and even includes a staff profiles section and career opportunities at BTA.

HCM Australia - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

HCM Australia - Recruitment Website

We designed and built this website to fully integrate with broadbean job posting software. Candidates can search for jobs, submit a resume and sign up for job alerts. News can be delivered by an easy to update blog and social media buttons and contact forms make for easy communications.

Human Solutions - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Human Solutions - Recruitment Website

We designed and built this website with job search function and a top jobs frame on the front page that are automatically updated by Jobadder posting software. Candidates can submit resumes directly through the site and staff profiles are browsable in the about sections.

Koi Group - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Koi Group - Recruitment Website

Designed and built by us, this site uses full recruitment management system integration to provide automatic online job listings that can be searched or browsed. Candidates can also submit their resumes or sign up for job alerts by email. Social buttons are included in the header.

People Connect - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

People Connect - Recruitment Website

Our developers took our designers modern themes and applied a number of features for full functionality. Visitors are able to register as candidates with a form and upload their resumes, sign up for job alert emails and browse jobs using a sleek lightbox viewer.

Maxwell Fulton - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Maxwell Fulton - Recruitment Website

A simple design with powerful functionality. This enables candidates to search for jobs, register they're resume and sign up for job alert e-mails that meet their criteria. They can also download time sheets directly. Employers can register vacancies through the site.

Acuity Search - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Acuity Search - Recruitment Website

This site includes job search functions and registration forms for candidates and vacancies. Blogs are included to offer advice to candidates and agencies. An inquiry form and google maps plugin are included and Static 'contact us' and social media buttons are presents on all pages.

Green Bridge - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Green Bridge - Recruitment Website

This site include an easy to update blog, twitter social plug in to display all the latest tweets directly on the page and a call back form so that visitors can have the company call them at a convenient time. It is also easy for candidates to submit their CV.

Go Talent - Recruitment Website -

Go Talent - Recruitment Website

Designed and built by our team, this site allows visitors to browse and search jobs or register a vacancy themselves. Enquiries are handled with contact details or a forms. Addthis social plugin provides an interactive social media experience. Full Jobadder inegration makes life simple.

Allegra Recruitment - Recruitment Website -     
        Recruitment Website

Allegra Recruitment - Recruitment Website

This site we designed and built boasts advanced job search, automatic job alerts sign up, CV submission and friend referral. The contact page contains message submission form and a google maps plugin. Fully integrated with Jobadder recruitment management software.

Recruitment Edge - Branding & Design -     
        Branding & Design

Recruitment Edge - Branding & Design

We provided a whole print media package this Sydney based recruitment company which included brochures, business templates and envelopes.

Muay Thai Fight Factory - Branding & Design -     
        Branding & Design

Muay Thai Fight Factory - Branding & Design

Muay Thai Fight Factory started as an E-Commerce website in 2011 and needed a full branding package. We provided logos, print media templates and business cards as well an E-Mail footers and full website design and build.

Bruce Hudson

"We had just started our online business and had all the logistics set-up to ship goods but were lacking a professional image and a site. Fortunately someone suggested Dave and crew to us and we were glad they did. Deadlines passed by seamlessly and we were up and running in no time!"

Selvaggio Lawyers - Branding & Design -     
        Branding & Design

Selvaggio Lawyers - Branding & Design

We started with a unique logo and from there we went on to provide a number of print designs like letterheads, business cards envelopes and pamphlets.

Lamrocks Solicitors - Branding & Design -     
        Branding & Design

Lamrocks Solicitors - Branding & Design

We updated the logo to have a more modern feel and altered the colour to be brighter and bolder. We then took these changes and used them to design brochures, letter templates and business cards that stand out.

Murphy Schmidt - Branding & Design -     
        Branding & Design

Murphy Schmidt - Branding & Design

We provided this Brisbane based law form with logos before going on to produce a detailed booklet for them to present there business with.

31 Bytes - Branding & Design -     
        Branding & Design

31 Bytes - Branding & Design

As a start up, 31 Bytes needed to make themselves stand out as a brand. We created a unique set or logos and layouts to get them noticed.

Phongton Yuttchana

"I was recommended to Know Digital by a friend who had previous experience with them. Their designs were very bright and original which was what we wanted. We'll be getting a site made up soon and definitely want these guys involved"

Rafton Family Lawyers - Branding & Design -     
        Branding & Design

Rafton Family Lawyers - Branding & Design

After designing the logo we went on to provide them with a full package including website design, letter headers, business cards and custom envelopes.

Coleman Greig Lawyers - Branding & Design -     
        Branding & Design

Coleman Greig Lawyers - Branding & Design

We started of by designing a custom logo for Coleman Greig Lawyers and then went on to design a full sized booklet and business card templates as well as a variety of other print media that presented them in a professional manner.

Learn4Kids - Branding & Design -     
        Branding & Design

Learn4Kids - Branding & Design

We provided a full package for Learn4Kids. We started with the logo and developed a theme from there for their website and then designed a variety of print designs that included business cards and letterheads.

CandidateIntro - Branding & Design -     
        Branding & Design

CandidateIntro - Branding & Design

CandidateIntro were a brand new company with a completely clean slate that needed filling. We worked closely with their founders to come up with a logo, layouts and schemes that they felt presented the casual casual yet professional image they wanted to achieve.

Johnny Aldred

"We were both extremely impressed with Know Digitals patience with us as we're both perfectionists. But they soldiered through and brought our vision to life with a bit of creative twists from their end."