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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Core Features

Keyword research

The first thing that needs doing in an SEO campaign is establishing what search terms you want to rank for. Sometimes the most searched terms aren't the best to target due to a high level of competition. We research a bunch that are relevant to your business and give our expert opinion on the best to focus efforts on for the greatest increase in traffic.

Site audit and setup

Making sure that your site is setup correctly is, naturally, one of the first things we do. A comprehensive audit of the site will let us see what's wrong with your site and how it can be improved. Missing information, slow load times and poorly written page titles will give your site a limp in the race for the top spot. After we identify the issues, we address them. Making your website a smooth journey for search engine spiders to glide through while coercing them with the perfect combinations of keywords in just the right places.

Setting up tools

Setting up search engine provided tools not only gives us power to analyse your site deeper and get feedback on performance in search results but also gives us tools that we can use to further optimise how search engines see your site.

Backlink building

Despite all the mystery behind how search engines rank your site, how many sites link to yours and the reputation that site has is the main consideration when ranking your page. Too many links from sites with a bad reputation will bring your down while having a site with high authority link to you will give you a boost. Guess which one's we work with.

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