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Design and development

Because we build every site from the ground up to achieve each recruiters requirements, lead times can vary. Factors such as how many times a design has to be altered until the client is 100% happy or how long it takes a client to respond to a feedback request might make the process longer or shorter. Despite this, we have built enough recruiter websites & job boards to get a general idea of how long it takes. And here's the breakdown

Excellent site performance

Our dedicated servers are built around our websites and our websites are built around our servers. We don't use servers that attempt to share resources among thousands of other demanding websites. We ensure that all our websites have more than enough power than is required. This approach ensures that not only do our websites perform excellent but that they deliver with speed and rock solid reliability.

Search engine friendly

The best time to make sure a website is 100% compliant with search engines is at the very beginning. Anything less would be shoddy workmanship. We will continuously ensure that your website meets these standards during the build process and once again during final testing using professional tools and good old know-how.

Technical support

All websites hosted with us are protected with daily backup, uptime monitoring and redundant servers. But just incase something does go wrong or needs changing then we're just an email or a phone call away.

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