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Custom designed site with a built in job board

We design and build all our websites from scratch to guarantee uniqueness and originality. Our websites come with all the functionality you would expect from a recruitment website and without the limitations that templated websites introduce. Our job boards are built to guarantee a seamless user experience for your visitors with powerful features such as....

ATS/CRM integration

We can integrate with most Applicant Tracking Systems and Customer Relationship Management solutions which allows us to automatically export job listings and add them to your website. From another point of view we can push applications directly back into your ATS. These features bring many advantages...

Responsive design

Consideration of recent trends in how people are accessing the internet is critical when developing a new recruiter website or job board. And that is the use of mobile devices. Mobile devices account for the majority of internet traffic today and if your site's design does not take this in to consideration then your limping off the starting line. We build websites with a responsive design. This means that the website's layout shuffles around, resizes and adapts to support whichever screen size is been used. Our websites look great on all devices!

Content management system

The reason people come to us is our ability to design and build quality websites with enough hi-tech code under the bonnet to drive the advanced features that recruiters need to stand out. But at the end of the day, you're the ones in the driving seat. That's why we use Umbraco CMS. You can easily change page text, images and update your blog with the simple interface that's designed for the non technically minded. Simple yet Powerful!

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