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Account manager

Our account managers research targeting methods, suggest digital marketing strategies, design and implement ads,and present and analyse reports to optimise future campaigns. Their role can range from being more of an advisor who executes campaigns with a lot of client feedback all the way to taking full initiative and control of a client's digital marketing efforts.

Ad design and creation

You can't run an ad campaign without an ad, and we have that covered for you. Whether it's a number of simple text ads to test on a google search results page or a responsive HTML banner advert to be displayed on related websites. We run all designs through you to make sure you are 100% satisfied before unleashing them on your future candidates.

Analytics and reports

The main advantage of digital marketing over print marketing is the ability to track results. We provide reports on every campaign which fills you in on how many times your ad was displayed, how many people saw it, how many times it was clicked and of course, how many applications you received as a result of a campaign amongst other interesting numbers. Reports can be customised to include what you want and and presented in a simple manner.

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